web presence through word press


Have you ever had one of those days where there are so many distractions that you only seem to scratch the surface towards getting things done? Such a variety of responsibilities tugged at my attention today that I felt like a tire spinning in the mud. I’d begin to head one direction only to be called in another. However, I finally get to feel a sense of satisfaction from completing something. Thank goodness!


Monday I decided that my first online portfolio presence would be through connecting my website to Word Press. (Thank you, Chelsea.) My web site is annievandesign.com (don’t go there yet – it’s just the bare beginnings of a blog). My site is hosted through Host Monster and I’ve got to say, between lynda.com and Host Monster’s set up, the connection to Word Press was so easy it was astonishing. [sigh] My heroes for the day.


So that’s today’s buzz. Success! And now, oh my, on to all the other projects that didn’t get done today. Or maybe I’ll just bask in the warmth of accomplishment for a few moments before digging deep once again.


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