fairview woods park master plan

fairview woods park master plan

Project for the City of Fairview. The goal: to design a master plan document that would stand the test of time since it will be in use 2010 through 2015. The concept: to present the city with a professional and contemporary product, while communicating a sense of warmth, since the contents hold information about Fairview Woods’ parks. The publication has a clean and simplistic design pronounced with strong typography.

View the entire publication (minus city documents) on ISSUU.


skamania county chamber of commerce brochure

Skamania County brochure : front and back covers Skamania County brochure : inside spread

Such a fun project to do for the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce in Stevenson, Washington! Casey and Angie, at the chamber, are a joy to work with and the imagery was a delight to immerse myself in. Having lived in the Gorge for about five years, I always enjoy revisiting the area. (Back then, I had a petsittting business and worked part time at a small local paper and the Columbia Gorge Magazine during its first year.) The Gorge holds a special place in my heart, and for any of you who have been there, I’m sure you can understand why. The area offers an abundance of outdoor activities and the scenery is breathtaking. No kidding!

Okay. Back to the project:) This is a double gate-fold brochure with a pocket to hold informational inserts. The printing was done at Print It in Hood River, and I’ve got to say that the weight, feel and visual quality of the paper used for this project is exceptional!

wear your affirmations

Design for a new product line. Services include business logo, labels, two types of packaging, insert and business cards, bookmark and stationary. We’re currently working on an informational mailing/order packet, with plans to consult on web design in the near future.

I’ve been asking the universe for clients that I enjoy working with, and the owner of Wear Your Affirmations has fit that request wonderfully. While product lines available at Wear Your Affirmations continues to grow, the business began with the idea of offering written affirmations placed on cotton labels. These soft tags can be tucked inside a pocket, pinned or stitched inside clothing, or set in various places within your home or vehicle. The wearer of these affirmative labels is privately reminded and aware that they are wearing them all day, without anyone else needing to know. The labels are not only a great and affordable gift to give to yourself, but to others as well.

attracting work to us

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I am passionate about design, social responsibility and my cat. Social responsibility takes many forms. The first thought that comes to mind is the environmental movement. However, for myself, it’s all encompassing. Just as I don’t want to produce excessive garbage for landfills to contend with, nor do I want to place negative baggage into the world.

I was a pet sitter for five years in a smallish rural community. I found there were a few things that could make or break my business. The top five were being reliable, trustworthy, communicative, respectful and friendly. These were the cornerstones to the growth of my business. You’ve probably noticed, all of the items on that list have to do with how we interact with and treat others. 

I really believe that we attract what we put out. We can either inspire or squelch. We can draw people to do business with us or have them choose someone else. Much of the power is in our own hands. You can be the best artist in the world, but if you’re difficult to work with, I’m sure as heck not going to choose to work with or hire you.

I would like for this post to be one of inspiration and insight. A moment to reflect who we’re being in our world. If there are a lot of breakdowns showing up around you, look to see what the common denominator is. It’s my opinion that the more we care about others and strive to be good human beings, the more we make the world a better place to live, work and play.

If you share similar thoughts, contact me, I’d love to work with you.

web presence through word press


Have you ever had one of those days where there are so many distractions that you only seem to scratch the surface towards getting things done? Such a variety of responsibilities tugged at my attention today that I felt like a tire spinning in the mud. I’d begin to head one direction only to be called in another. However, I finally get to feel a sense of satisfaction from completing something. Thank goodness!


Monday I decided that my first online portfolio presence would be through connecting my website to Word Press. (Thank you, Chelsea.) My web site is annievandesign.com (don’t go there yet – it’s just the bare beginnings of a blog). My site is hosted through Host Monster and I’ve got to say, between lynda.com and Host Monster’s set up, the connection to Word Press was so easy it was astonishing. [sigh] My heroes for the day.


So that’s today’s buzz. Success! And now, oh my, on to all the other projects that didn’t get done today. Or maybe I’ll just bask in the warmth of accomplishment for a few moments before digging deep once again.

xerox colorqube : green print solution

As designers, it’s necessary to print out projects whose final output is print. Sometimes what we see on the screen is not what we get on paper. Since I am sensitive to excess printing and waste, I’ve cut my printing, at the very least in half. I tend to print out a copy once I think the design is close to complete. That way I get to look at the color translation from screen to paper, as well as type size and how the layout is really working. As long as the color is good, I generally don’t print again until I’ve tweaked what wasn’t working and made necessary changes.

Tonight I heard about the new Xerox ColorQube printer series. The ColorQubes employ solid ink technology (photo below). You just set them inside the ink slots and can then expect over 200,000 copies per cube. Being an Oregonian, it gets even better. The solid ink technology comes from a Wilsonville, Oregon company. Plus Xerox has partnered with Portland-based Greenprint, including their technology to owners of solid ink printers. Greenprint has created software which eliminates unwanted page printing.

Picture 8

As can be imagined, this new green printing system, has a high price. Currently, the price for the ColorQube costs around $23,000. Definitely a big company purchase item at this point. However, the cost and environmental savings to date through use of solid ink technology is impressive. As the price point lowers on solid ink printers, green savings will grow.

ready, set, go! business cards complete

bus_cardAfter much thought and valuable feedback, I have made final decisions on my business card. The image shown represents the front and back of my card.

I’ve decided to go with Greener Printer for a couple of reasons. First, they are the greenest printers I found during my research and that aligns with my beliefs. I appreciate the multiple layers of environmental choices they made as a company. For all they offer, I think the price is very fair. And my research brought to light that they now offer the printing of 3.5 x 1.5 inch business cards with a thicker card stock than their standard cards.

With enthusiasm, I thought I’d at least comp up a couple card designs in this size. I found that my design works amazing well with this size of card. Knowing that smaller cards can get jammed in people’s wallets or get lost in a sea of larger cards, I tried convincing myself to go with a standard size anyway. But redesign and try as I might, I could never achieve a design nearly as attractive on the standard sized cards. So, I give in and throw caution to the winds!