wear your affirmations

Design for a new product line. Services include business logo, labels, two types of packaging, insert and business cards, bookmark and stationary. We’re currently working on an informational mailing/order packet, with plans to consult on web design in the near future.

I’ve been asking the universe for clients that I enjoy working with, and the owner of Wear Your Affirmations has fit that request wonderfully. While product lines available at Wear Your Affirmations continues to grow, the business began with the idea of offering written affirmations placed on cotton labels. These soft tags can be tucked inside a pocket, pinned or stitched inside clothing, or set in various places within your home or vehicle. The wearer of these affirmative labels is privately reminded and aware that they are wearing them all day, without anyone else needing to know. The labels are not only a great and affordable gift to give to yourself, but to others as well.


indiana state fair posters

The left poster was my first design solution for an Indiana State Fair poster. I wanted to incorporate hues of green and rectangular shapes to represent Indiana farmland. The circular bursts signify a time of celebration and fireworks. Unfortunately, this poster did not meet criteria given by my professor. (Oops! Must have had a mind lapse.) We were instructed to only use multiply as a filter. Not the case, so the exploration continued and lead to the poster on the right. It contains shades of green and gold to symbolize crops, plus the yellow and blue hues are good representative colors of a sunny day. While I personally like the pop, wow-factor and contemporary feel of the first poster, I must admit that the gently colored patchwork on the final poster to the right feels friendlier and more family oriented, with a country quilted vibe to it, which I interpret as a good representation for a state fair!

pick a state, any state

license plates for indiana

Did you know that Indiana is a huge producer of bio-fuel?

Fall 2009, students chose states, or maybe they chose us, and from there we did a lot of research in order to create a state logo, variable license plates with a theme and a poster for our state’s State Fair. Green, or ecology minded design, is often a compelling theme for me, so I designed three eco-inspired plates for the state of Indiana. The encircled ‘e’ is the symbol that would appear on each eco-plate. It was interesting to communicate one message in three different ways, hopefully reaching three different audiences. (No logo is shown because it needs some tweaking.)

speaking of birthday cake

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Portland’s own Papa Haydn (no, I’m not misspelling it). For those who are not, you should check it out sometime for dessert. It’s been a main birthday stop for me and my friends for over a decade. I still love going there for an afternoon dessert while walking around NW 23rd, or popping in for a late night treat in the winter to help warm up the spirit. The NW 23rd location is more high end than the original Sellwood restaurant, which opened in 1978 with Portland’s first espresso machine and European style food and dessert that impressed locals so much there were lines out the door.

I’ve always appreciated the artistic beauty as much as the delectable flavors of Papa H’s desserts. Here are a few images to entice the adult child in all of us.

(photos taken from Papa Haydn’s web site)