dars audit : typography

This actual piece is 35 inches long, eight inches in height, and is a seven-fold accordion brochure. This is a typographical project using only glyphs and the typeface(s) chosen— with a limit of two. I discovered how much I love Archer and how unique the font family is compared to most typefaces. The typeface really takes on varying personalities and appearances: from caps to lowercase, light to medium, and regular to italic. It’s really sweet and lovely— displaying subtle yet empowering beauty. This typography class at PSU created a true typography fan. And now I feel I am enchanted by its spell. Yum!


creating image with typography

typographic portrait of lennon

Students were asked to create a typographical portrait. I immediately knew I wanted to choose John Lennon. I mean… what an icon! There was a tight timeline on this project and it’s one that I’d like to revisit and expand upon.