dars audit : typography

This actual piece is 35 inches long, eight inches in height, and is a seven-fold accordion brochure. This is a typographical project using only glyphs and the typeface(s) chosen— with a limit of two. I discovered how much I love Archer and how unique the font family is compared to most typefaces. The typeface really takes on varying personalities and appearances: from caps to lowercase, light to medium, and regular to italic. It’s really sweet and lovely— displaying subtle yet empowering beauty. This typography class at PSU created a true typography fan. And now I feel I am enchanted by its spell. Yum!


speaking of birthday cake

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Portland’s own Papa Haydn (no, I’m not misspelling it). For those who are not, you should check it out sometime for dessert. It’s been a main birthday stop for me and my friends for over a decade. I still love going there for an afternoon dessert while walking around NW 23rd, or popping in for a late night treat in the winter to help warm up the spirit. The NW 23rd location is more high end than the original Sellwood restaurant, which opened in 1978 with Portland’s first espresso machine and European style food and dessert that impressed locals so much there were lines out the door.

I’ve always appreciated the artistic beauty as much as the delectable flavors of Papa H’s desserts. Here are a few images to entice the adult child in all of us.

(photos taken from Papa Haydn’s web site)


taking a break

Sitting in front of a computer hours on end, day after day, can really get to us. While I’ve put in several hours already this morning and added lots of links to my blog, I’m getting ready to head out, take a break, enjoy some sunshine and act like a human being for a few hours. Hopefully it will help the kink in my neck and will refill the well of my creativity. It’ll be nice to share some time with a friend. We’re planning a day at the park with a picnic, walk and some good ol’ girl talk.

Yesterday was my birthday. I want to thank Frankie for making sure it didn’t pass unnoticed and Barb for making some delicious fresh cupcakes in my honor. We all enjoyed them Barb. Ever think of a culinary path? Art is art. Whether it be food (one of my favs) or design. The thing is, we’ve all got so much work to complete towards our portfolios, print and online. It meant a lot to me that you all took some time to be with and think of me. Thanks, guys!

gabriella purrbox flopsey

gabby cat


definition: Gabriella [talks a lot, very feminine]; Purrbox [duh, she purrs… a lot!]; Flopsey [she flops on her side from a standing position at any given moment].

Gabby is a cat of mystery and I am her human. She holds many human qualities including a wonderful sense of humor. We like to chase each other around the house and play hide and sneak (we are so sneaky we startle one another). One of my favorite cat antics of Gabby-dabby-do is the way she chatters at bugs and, when appropriate, eats them. I’m certain she’s saved me from many a spider bite. On this particular day, Gabby had dibs on my office chair (not that she was helping me with any work!).

(photo: Annie Van Domelen)

Hello world!

Well, here I am on WordPress. Woo-hoo! playtime with my laptop

As you can probably guess, my name is Annie. I’m currently a student at Mt. Hood Community College in the Integrated Media: Graphic Design program. While this term looks like a doozie, and I know I’ll be putting in some long hours, it’ll be well worth it. All students are at the beginning stages of finalizing designs in order to create portfolios, both online and print. So, tune in to enjoy the pain, the gain and the process.