ready, set, go! business cards complete

bus_cardAfter much thought and valuable feedback, I have made final decisions on my business card. The image shown represents the front and back of my card.

I’ve decided to go with Greener Printer for a couple of reasons. First, they are the greenest printers I found during my research and that aligns with my beliefs. I appreciate the multiple layers of environmental choices they made as a company. For all they offer, I think the price is very fair. And my research brought to light that they now offer the printing of 3.5 x 1.5 inch business cards with a thicker card stock than their standard cards.

With enthusiasm, I thought I’d at least comp up a couple card designs in this size. I found that my design works amazing well with this size of card. Knowing that smaller cards can get jammed in people’s wallets or get lost in a sea of larger cards, I tried convincing myself to go with a standard size anyway. But redesign and try as I might, I could never achieve a design nearly as attractive on the standard sized cards. So, I give in and throw caution to the winds!


ordering recycled business cards


I’ve been doing some research this evening. It’s time to order business cards very soon and I need to make some decisions. Given that choosing an environmentally conscious business card is important to me, my options are more limited than others.

This is what I found for those who want to consider making a similar choice.

Online printing services that I haven’t heard personal feedback on include:
PS Print
Pixxlz : offering both standard and mini business cards (looks like a good one to check out). 
Green Printer : Found them on the web.
U Printing: Found on online search.

Printing services from personal referrals: : I’ve had the pleasure of viewing some samples. Both standard and mini cards, card stock is extra thick and feels great, interesting size for the standard. A must to check out. 
Greener Printer : Another company, along with Moo that I’m seriously thinking of choosing. My portfolio instructor was kind enough to bring some samples in for me to feel and view quality. I was impressed. She’s been pleased with printing results.

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