new clients : creating momentum

This year I’ve been blessed with two new clients. I’ve gotten to fill out professional estimates, and have been grateful for MHCC staff support when I’ve had questions. And believe me, it’s inevitable the first few times around that there are going to be questions. For me, figuring out a dollar amount on a contract is one of the most challenging aspects of business. I notice with most novice designers (myself included) that we’re shy to ask for fair compensation for our work. Yet we know only too well how much time and energy goes into each project.

As to creating momentum and getting the project going – well, I’ve been pretty lax about that. Partly because I’m still in school and have so many deadlines to meet with class curriculum. I’m not saying I’ve been negligent. I haven’t postponed any meetings or communications with these clients. What I am saying is that I haven’t been proactive. I’ve just let things unfold at its own pace without creating incentive to get the projects moving.

Delays can include coherence of what a client really wants and the receipt of digital assets. I believe an experienced designer understands the pertinent questions to ask during the initial meeting to help provide clarity to the client, which ultimately defines the project. If assets are delayed, making weekly contact with your client, giving them a heads up on what you’ve received and what is still needed to begin, helps keep the project a priority, thus giving it momentum.

These are just a few of my insights. I’d enjoy hearing yours.