make sure you read the contract

I’m certain it’s not a big deal in this instance but I have learned a valuable lesson. Thank goodness it’s not one of hard knocks.

I had filled out a project estimate for a new client. They in turn supplied me with a contract in conjunction with mine, as well as retyping my contract as an addendum to theirs. Very legal jargin kind of stuff. What I missed in my review of what they’d sent me was that my payment request had been deleted and once I realized this, I couldn’t find any agreement included as to how or when I would receive payment for my design services.

Between a couple of emails and some clarification, everything was settled quickly. As I said, this is a trustworthy client, so all is well, but imagine if there was even a shadow of a doubt. I’m grateful I learned this now and in this way. I will double, triple and even quadruple check any contracts before signing them in the future. Thought I might spare you through my experience.