the daffy girls



Aren’t daffodils one of the world’s friendliest flowers? Seeing these beauties reminded me of the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth.

I spotted these little ladies as I arrived home yesterday. They were the perfect end to a warm spring day. Their simplistic beauty caught my breath as well as my eye. As I approached to bask in their sunny nature, I found myself looking at a daffodil with a designer’s eye. My camera doesn’t do these girls justice. Up close and personal, their trumpets have the frilliest of ruffled edges. While the six white petals smoothly stretch outward from the center. The opposites of smooth against ruffle, yellow upon white, with thrusts of green leaves fanning outward. I realized today that I adore daffodils. And these three are a hoot! It appears that two of them have their attention elsewhere.

(photo : Annie Van Domelen)