craigslist magazine

Project involved getting a feel for craigslist and creating a prototype publication. While researching the craigslist site, I discovered information about their foundation. That was the turning point that led me to my design solution.

I decided the publication should have an urban feel that communicated well with fellow craigslisters for entertainment purposes, as well as those who would be interested in supporting the foundation. I thought it would be interesting to feature a different craigslist city each month, thus the Portland issue for this prototype.






going green identity project

Going Green was the name I chose to call a green company project. It became clear early on that going green meant living, eating and building green. Thus a series of secondary logos came to life. This corporate identity project included logos, business cards and a stationary package. Other pieces to the project included a brochure and three full page magazine ads for marketing purposes. My promotional piece was a 100% cotton recycled shopping bag with the Going Green logo affixed to it.

(below are samples of business card, stationary, front and inside of brochure and secondary logos)





zappos : shoe catalog project

This is an eight page self mailing Zappos shoe catalog. The goal was to draw more awareness to and Zappos shoes. With spring right around the corner at design time, I chose to go with women’s summer shoes as the theme. From the shoes displayed to the green swirls and playful copy writing, it’s all meant to offer the recipient a feeling of spring sprouting and summer fun. Click the cover to see the rest of the catalog on Issuu.

Picture 2


happiness found in letterpress cards

Over the past several years, whenever I’ve needed a special card, I’ve shopped around for letterpress cards. I love them! The feel and look of textured paper and embossing, the ragged edges, the designs and the simplistic messages that usually accompany such cards. They make me feel happy.

So today I decided to take a break from all the work I’ve been doing at my work station and treat myself to a moment of happiness. I’ve been a fan of eggpress for years, so I have to share this beautiful little Mother’s Day card I found on their site with you. The colors and pattern are so attractive. Don’t you love the cut out window? And, by the way, if you are a mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Myself, I am only a mother to my cat. She never brings me cards or gifts, but I still love her.

sh1425BI also wanted to look around at other letterpress makers around the Portland area. Do you know how lucky we are to live here? We have so many cool little shops with handmade gems in them. Anyway, my journey led me to Oblation Papers and Press. This card actually makes me feel calm and yummy. I love the color palette, typography, the embossing, textured paper, and that impeccably designed flower in all its flourishing glory. (sigh)

bloom_smOblation has a great store in NW Portland that’s really fun to browse and pick up treasures. They also make their own paper that’s made out of 100% recycled cotton.

Finally I came across a new letterpress shop that I hadn’t been unaware of called Lark Press. I’m wild for the suttle analogous color scheme and elegance that this card beholds. I just love the earthy artistic quality and the embossing.

ginkoSo, there you go. I’m feeling better. How about you?

i love typography

I’ve been doing research on fonts for a client’s logo and product line. I’ve taken snap shots of fonts I don’t have on my hard drive and created a font sheet of those I do. This collection will be emailed for client consideration and feedback.

Thanks to one of my fellow designers and wordpress bloggers for having the link to I Love Typography on her site. It proved to be a wonderful reference point. I was able to tap into articles that were very helpful including the 80 best fonts. I found it so valuable that I added it to my links. Thanks Michelle!