fairview woods park master plan

fairview woods park master plan

Project for the City of Fairview. The goal: to design a master plan document that would stand the test of time since it will be in use 2010 through 2015. The concept: to present the city with a professional and contemporary product, while communicating a sense of warmth, since the contents hold information about Fairview Woods’ parks. The publication has a clean and simplistic design pronounced with strong typography.

View the entire publication (minus city documents) on ISSUU.


2010 skamania county visitors guide

Skamania County Visitors Guide 2010

The 2010 Skamania County Visitors Guide marks my fifth year of working on this publication with Judy Bair of Wind River Publishing. I gave the guide a clean, fresh updated look with a touch of elegance.

This 48-page publication informs visitors and locals of events, resources, recreational opportunities, sights to see, places to go, lodging and more. It includes a Skamania County hiking guide with directions to eleven hikes that publisher, Judy Bair, personally recommends.

This year the guide is better than ever, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t already been discussions about new improvements for 2011.

skamania county chamber of commerce brochure

Skamania County brochure : front and back covers Skamania County brochure : inside spread

Such a fun project to do for the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce in Stevenson, Washington! Casey and Angie, at the chamber, are a joy to work with and the imagery was a delight to immerse myself in. Having lived in the Gorge for about five years, I always enjoy revisiting the area. (Back then, I had a petsittting business and worked part time at a small local paper and the Columbia Gorge Magazine during its first year.) The Gorge holds a special place in my heart, and for any of you who have been there, I’m sure you can understand why. The area offers an abundance of outdoor activities and the scenery is breathtaking. No kidding!

Okay. Back to the project:) This is a double gate-fold brochure with a pocket to hold informational inserts. The printing was done at Print It in Hood River, and I’ve got to say that the weight, feel and visual quality of the paper used for this project is exceptional!

wear your affirmations

Design for a new product line. Services include business logo, labels, two types of packaging, insert and business cards, bookmark and stationary. We’re currently working on an informational mailing/order packet, with plans to consult on web design in the near future.

I’ve been asking the universe for clients that I enjoy working with, and the owner of Wear Your Affirmations has fit that request wonderfully. While product lines available at Wear Your Affirmations continues to grow, the business began with the idea of offering written affirmations placed on cotton labels. These soft tags can be tucked inside a pocket, pinned or stitched inside clothing, or set in various places within your home or vehicle. The wearer of these affirmative labels is privately reminded and aware that they are wearing them all day, without anyone else needing to know. The labels are not only a great and affordable gift to give to yourself, but to others as well.

dars audit : typography

This actual piece is 35 inches long, eight inches in height, and is a seven-fold accordion brochure. This is a typographical project using only glyphs and the typeface(s) chosen— with a limit of two. I discovered how much I love Archer and how unique the font family is compared to most typefaces. The typeface really takes on varying personalities and appearances: from caps to lowercase, light to medium, and regular to italic. It’s really sweet and lovely— displaying subtle yet empowering beauty. This typography class at PSU created a true typography fan. And now I feel I am enchanted by its spell. Yum!

runemeister cards

Selecting a letter from the alphabet, and using the information on that letter from calligrapher Lloyd Reynold’s book, My Dear Runemeister: A Voyage Through the Alphabet, students were given another typographical project. Design could only be achieved through the use of glyphs and letters from our chosen font families, which students picked from a provided list.

The yellow pattern behind the majuscule letter ‘B’ consists of interlocking upright and up-side-down commas. The pattern on the back of the Runemeister series card was composed of the miniscule letter ‘b’ through interlinking and overlapping. The project provided an opportunity to explore playing with colors that I don’t generally use, such as yellow and magenta. I also made sure to use unfamiliar font families to expand my typographical awareness. That’s the cool thing about school: it gives students a chance to play and explore design!

rex ray biozine

When asked to choose someone to do a biozine project on, my mind shouted Rex Ray! The project gave me a reason to purchase his book, Rex Ray: Art + Design. This was a book that Chris Maier, an instructor and department head of MHCC’s graphic design program, turned me onto a couple years ago. I fell in love with his work immediately.

Students didn’t need to write their own copy or create any of their own images for this project. It was mostly an exercise in layout and design. I kept the design nice and simple, as a container to hold Rex Ray’s beautiful work. I used copy and images from the book (normally an unacceptable practice, but it was a student project). I’m posting this project to honor Mr. Ray with the purpose of exposing his genius.