a new day and a new direction

I’ve decided to learn and share about my two passions. Design and living a greener life. I know the term green has become a cliche but bare with me. Look beyond the word and to its meaning. I grew up just on the outer edge of the hippie movement. There was an indescribable feeling during that time in America. While I can’t explain it, I can still feel it today when I hear a particular LedĀ Zeppelin, Joplin or Moody Blues tune on the airwaves. The music reflected the strong desire for a change towards caring about one another and our planet. So yes, I’m a tree hugger from way back!

My past is a part of me, making my goal as a designer to create positive messages to be placed into the world and to not clutter it up needlessly. I’m on a mission to be a green or eco-conscious designer. As I discover information around green design options, I’d like to share them with you. Since I believe being socially conscious is a way of life, I’ll also be sharing some products I’ve discovered and use daily. And, of course we’ll be looking at the design behind the brands.