pick a state, any state

license plates for indiana

Did you know that Indiana is a huge producer of bio-fuel?

Fall 2009, students chose states, or maybe they chose us, and from there we did a lot of research in order to create a state logo, variable license plates with a theme and a poster for our state’s State Fair. Green, or ecology minded design, is often a compelling theme for me, so I designed three eco-inspired plates for the state of Indiana. The encircled ‘e’ is the symbol that would appear on each eco-plate. It was interesting to communicate one message in three different ways, hopefully reaching three different audiences. (No logo is shown because it needs some tweaking.)


ready, set, go! business cards complete

bus_cardAfter much thought and valuable feedback, I have made final decisions on my business card. The image shown represents the front and back of my card.

I’ve decided to go with Greener Printer for a couple of reasons. First, they are the greenest printers I found during my research and that aligns with my beliefs. I appreciate the multiple layers of environmental choices they made as a company. For all they offer, I think the price is very fair. And my research brought to light that they now offer the printing of 3.5 x 1.5 inch business cards with a thicker card stock than their standard cards.

With enthusiasm, I thought I’d at least comp up a couple card designs in this size. I found that my design works amazing well with this size of card. Knowing that smaller cards can get jammed in people’s wallets or get lost in a sea of larger cards, I tried convincing myself to go with a standard size anyway. But redesign and try as I might, I could never achieve a design nearly as attractive on the standard sized cards. So, I give in and throw caution to the winds!