narrative design

Have you ever had less than one week to come up with an illustrated narrative? If you’re a designer, you probably have! This was definitely a quick turnaround project. Short term projects require instantaneous decision-making and provide proof that we can trust going with some of our initial ideas. They provide an opportunity for us to express our natural style and approach towards design solutions.

As the title reflects, this little guy is about to take his first flight. With the courage to face his own trepidation, he enjoys a soaringĀ fun-filled day and returns safely for a well deserved nap!


t-shirt design

Time to design three tees with a theme for Threadless. Wanting to surround myself with delicate and positive imagery, I was immediately drawn to yoga wear. This project showed me how much I’d like to design yoga and children’s clothing: zen mama, zen baby, yum… Zen, zen, zen!

Lotus collection:

Top design: balance : Stylized design of overhead view of ivy that grows spiraling amongst lotus blossoms in ponds of water. The blue dots represent floating seeds that have fallen from lotus pods.

Middle design: breathe : Typographical design which reminds us to breathe, and is thusly named as such. It is accompanied by a couple of pink lotus petals.

Bottom design: flow : Intention was to capture the feeling of yoga with the windblown flow of lotus blossoms. Every time I look at these, I relax.

Thanks to the model shown in above images. Image of model was purchased through and then wrapped with my t-shirt design.

wpa poster

The goal was to project unity in the design of this poster, with this one specifically targeting girls and women. I’d like to continue the series of connection posters to include men, children, animals and our eco-system, signifying connection within the groups, as well as our unity as a whole. I was inspired by an old WPA poster. I had never illustrated anything from this perspective before, and enjoyed expressing the simplistic charm of girl’s dresses, their hair and beautifully colored skin in a clasping of hands.