breathing room project

Breathing Room is a name created for a nonsmoking project using concepts derived from the book Lovemarks. Lovemarks speaks to marketing and communicating positive messages. Right up my alley! So my team mate and I decided to focus this nonsmoking campaign upon the idea of being your children’s hero for choosing not to smoke, rather than being bad for smoking around them.

The result of this term-long project was a 30-second TV commercial, which was managed by the broadcasting member of the group. I designed the company logo, home web page prototype and three full page print ads. Pictured below are the logo and print ad series.

(A special thanks to my friends for allowing me to use these fantastic photographs for this project. Photography by Laurie L. Ludes at LaurieL Photography. Click the link to see more of her outstanding photography.)






favorite green products to use

Since I’m on the subject of eco-friendly products, I thought I’d share two of my favorite cleaning products, and speak of their label design.

mm_lav_dish_721mm_lem_scr_72-11It took years for me to try the Mrs. Meyers product line. I always thought the packaging was very understated and I didn’t like it very much, so I wasn’t attracted to it.

One day I was at a friend’s house and went to wash my hands at her kitchen sink and used the Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap. Sold! Which led me to try their Surface Scrub, since I wanted a Comet kind of cleaning moment. Love it!

Since then, using the products and really appreciating them, I’ve actually become quite fond of their labels and logo (shown below). I now acknowledge that the clean, understated packaging is perfect for symbolizing the product line. And I really adore the Meyer’s font. Anyone know what that is?


picture-24I used to think the line art logo wasn’t creative enough. Funny, now that these products are lovemarks to me, I think they’re adorable and perfect. (Although the star in place of an apostrophe really is a little silly.)




The next cleaning product I just recently discovered, and won’t be without, is Biokleen’s Automatic Dishwasher Detergent.picture-3 Ladies and gents alike, try this once and I’ll bet you’ll be sold too. I didn’t want to afford it but I followed my instinct and bought it anyway. A friend had expressed their satisfaction with Biokleen products. The dish powder I purchased has grapefruit seed and orange peel. I have never had a dish powder cause dishes to feel squeaky (not filmy) clean like this ever before. Another lovemark!

As to packaging, not so crazy about it. They’re squeezing tons of information on that front label. While it isn’t eye appealing, it did help me to make up my mind because it offered everything I was looking for and more. Logo? I’d like it more without the line underneath it. You know what I love? The tag line: Tough on Dirt, Gentle on the Earth. Catchy, eh?

(photos taken from company websites)