found : one full time student & graphic designer

I’m finally back to blogging after a one year absence. I definitely needed a breather, but now I’m refreshed and ready to roll!

Upon receiving an AAS at Mt. Hood Community in Integrated Media: Graphic Design in summer 2009, I decided to take on Portland State’s graphic design program in the fall. It’s been a good year at PSU, and I appreciate all the talented new eyes on my work by PSU instructors and fellow designers. The experience gave me the chance to calibrate my level of design amongst university students. PSU also gave me the opportunity to explore my artistic side through drawing and more practice at digital illustration.

However, with few transfer credits applied at PSU, I spent my year there as a sophomore, so I’m once again shifting gears aiming towards either a certificate or an AAS in web design & development at Portland Community College. It’s time to wrap up the education, put a full skill set in place and work.

My immediate center of attention is building my freelance graphic design business.¬†With summer break from school for the first time in three years, it’s time to update my blog and website with both student and professional work accomplished over the past year. So here we go!


mhcc integrated media portfolio show

You’ve read some of our blogs and you’ve looked at some of our work online. Now feel free to pop over to Mt. Hood Community College Friday, June 5th, for the MHCC IM Portfolio Show. To find out more about the event and the Integrated Media program, click here. Hope to see you there!

portfolio review

Wow! What a day. You know when you have one of those days where every which way you turn you bump into a wall? That’s how last Wednesday was for me. It was crazy, but I kept it together and eventually laughed my way through it.

We have a new instructor at MHCC. Her name is Jennifer Thomas and she is leading us through our Integrated Media Portfolio class. It was very cool that she invited Shawn Petersen, Design Director at Downstream, to help evaluate and offer feedback on student work. As students, we seem to get comfortable with the instructors we’ve had over the two year course, so it feels good to have fresh eyes from new design professionals look at our work.¬†

I received a lot of good feedback from fellow students and instructors, and I’m making requests for even more. Plus, several of us are attending this week’s Killer Portfolio Design event at Office PDX this Wednesday.