myriad and papyrus in the same sentence? no way!

I am a huge Myriad fan. So much so that I used this font for my logo and entire identity package. It’s clean, understated and goes well with almost any other font.

Today in portfolio class a fellow student, who I respect as a person and designer (or at least I did!) actually made some kind of comparison between Myriad and Papyrus. I was shocked. He must be joking. This simply couldn’t be! Uncontrollably, a knee jerk reaction of words came flying out of my mouth that called him on his misgivings. The conversation continued, and then like a stab in the back, the two fonts again shared space within the same sentence. Ouch!

So just let me say, to clear the air and set the record straight, there is no comparison between these two fonts. Using Papyrus has got to be in the top ten things that designers must never do. While Myriad continues to hold strong and be a font of¬†multiple¬†purpose. After all, it’s used in Apple’s modern marketing, for goodness sakes. Need I say more? Check it out for yourself.