online resume and portfolio at krop

While is still under construction as of today, you can view my online resume and portfolio at Krop. While this ends the school assignment portion of this blog, I will continue blogging once school is complete. At that time, I’ll be tweaking this blog to reflect who I am, sharing more of what makes me passionate about design, as well as environmentally conscious design choices. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned!

craigslist magazine

Project involved getting a feel for craigslist and creating a prototype publication. While researching the craigslist site, I discovered information about their foundation. That was the turning point that led me to my design solution.

I decided the publication should have an urban feel that communicated well with fellow craigslisters for entertainment purposes, as well as those who would be interested in supporting the foundation. I thought it would be interesting to feature a different craigslist city each month, thus the Portland issue for this prototype.






breathing room project

Breathing Room is a name created for a nonsmoking project using concepts derived from the book Lovemarks. Lovemarks speaks to marketing and communicating positive messages. Right up my alley! So my team mate and I decided to focus this nonsmoking campaign upon the idea of being your children’s hero for choosing not to smoke, rather than being bad for smoking around them.

The result of this term-long project was a 30-second TV commercial, which was managed by the broadcasting member of the group. I designed the company logo, home web page prototype and three full page print ads. Pictured below are the logo and print ad series.

(A special thanks to my friends for allowing me to use these fantastic photographs for this project. Photography by Laurie L. Ludes at LaurieL Photography. Click the link to see more of her outstanding photography.)





going green identity project

Going Green was the name I chose to call a green company project. It became clear early on that going green meant living, eating and building green. Thus a series of secondary logos came to life. This corporate identity project included logos, business cards and a stationary package. Other pieces to the project included a brochure and three full page magazine ads for marketing purposes. My promotional piece was a 100% cotton recycled shopping bag with the Going Green logo affixed to it.

(below are samples of business card, stationary, front and inside of brochure and secondary logos)





office pdx : my new portfolio

pina_portfolio4I was one of five girls from MHCC’s Graphic Design program who descended upon Office PDX shortly after they opened their doors this morning. Whirling in on the skirts of a spring breeze, we arrived in all our chatter. 

I am excited! I have chosen the most classic and elegant of portfolios. It’s a Pina Zangaro (Vista Onyx) and I can’t wait to fill it up and show it off.

I want to thank the girls who accompanied me today. I had a blast. I also want to thank Office PDX for extending a discount and being so helpful.

(photo from Office PDX site)

portfolio review

Wow! What a day. You know when you have one of those days where every which way you turn you bump into a wall? That’s how last Wednesday was for me. It was crazy, but I kept it together and eventually laughed my way through it.

We have a new instructor at MHCC. Her name is Jennifer Thomas and she is leading us through our Integrated Media Portfolio class. It was very cool that she invited Shawn Petersen, Design Director at Downstream, to help evaluate and offer feedback on student work. As students, we seem to get comfortable with the instructors we’ve had over the two year course, so it feels good to have fresh eyes from new design professionals look at our work. 

I received a lot of good feedback from fellow students and instructors, and I’m making requests for even more. Plus, several of us are attending this week’s Killer Portfolio Design event at Office PDX this Wednesday.