wpa poster

The goal was to project unity in the design of this poster, with this one specifically targeting girls and women. I’d like to continue the series of connection posters to include men, children, animals and our eco-system, signifying connection within the groups, as well as our unity as a whole. I was inspired by an old WPA poster. I had never illustrated anything from this perspective before, and enjoyed expressing the simplistic charm of girl’s dresses, their hair and beautifully colored skin in a clasping of hands.


indiana state fair posters

The left poster was my first design solution for an Indiana State Fair poster. I wanted to incorporate hues of green and rectangular shapes to represent Indiana farmland. The circular bursts signify a time of celebration and fireworks. Unfortunately, this poster did not meet criteria given by my professor. (Oops! Must have had a mind lapse.) We were instructed to only use multiply as a filter. Not the case, so the exploration continued and lead to the poster on the right. It contains shades of green and gold to symbolize crops, plus the yellow and blue hues are good representative colors of a sunny day. While I personally like the pop, wow-factor and contemporary feel of the first poster, I must admit that the gently colored patchwork on the final poster to the right feels friendlier and more family oriented, with a country quilted vibe to it, which I interpret as a good representation for a state fair!