a day at psu

Less than a month before I complete MHCC’s Integrated Media : Graphic Design program. Unbelievable! Especially with all the work I still need to pump out within that time. That means it’s also time to prepare for what’s next. With the economy and job market currently staggering on the uncertain side, I’ve decided to continue my education through Portland State’s Professional Development Center. I’ve chosen to pursue their Internet Design Certificate in the Multimedia Professional program. So today I spent some time in Admissions, ironing out a couple wrinkles towards getting my application approved.

I’m pretty excited (although too tired from my current curriculum to be jumping up and down about it) to move forward in the certificate program. I’ve known from the start that I want to focus my career towards web design and now with the experience and education life and MHCC has offered me, I’m ready to continue down the path that will take me closer to my chosen goal.

Whew! Life is a journey, and I’m on it.