rex ray biozine

When asked to choose someone to do a biozine project on, my mind shouted Rex Ray! The project gave me a reason to purchase his book, Rex Ray: Art + Design. This was a book that Chris Maier, an instructor and department head of MHCC’s graphic design program, turned me onto a couple years ago. I fell in love with his work immediately.

Students didn’t need to write their own copy or create any of their own images for this project. It was mostly an exercise in layout and design. I kept the design nice and simple, as a container to hold Rex Ray’s beautiful work. I used copy and images from the book (normally an unacceptable practice, but it was a student project). I’m posting this project to honor Mr. Ray with the purpose of exposing his genius.


rex ray


Are you familiar with Rex Ray? I wasn’t until Chris Maier placed one of his books into my hands. I was immediately enthused by his colors, shapes and textures. A single piece of his work can be a universe of design within itself. Many of my favorite pieces of his are done on resin panels. Whether you’ve never seen his work or just haven’t seen it in a while, treat yourself to a visit to his website.

(photo taken from Rex Ray’s website to demonstrate style of his work only: