typographica’s best typefaces of 2008

When first doing a search for best fonts, I came upon Typographica’s : Best Typefaces 2007. And I’m glad I did because there I found the following distinction:

First, the description has evolved from “fonts” to “typefaces”. Yes, there is a difference. Mark Simonson explains it best: “The physical embodiment of a collection of letters (whether it’s a case of metal pieces or a computer file) is a font. When referring to the design of the collection (the way it looks) you call it a typeface.”  

I then continued to prowl the web to uncover Typographica’s : Our Favorite Typefaces of 2008. Did you know we’re living in what is dubbed the new golden age of type? This is because of the rising quality of type design. The list of typefaces presents more selections this year and OpenType technology is now being used by nearly all type producers.

An exerpt from the article states: 

“Stylistically, this year’s selections run the typographic gamut: slab serif, typewriter, blackletter, stencil, brush script, geometric sans … and some that are difficult to neatly classify. Some represent contemporary innovations in editorial style, while others look back to pre-typographic history for inspiration. With such a wide range of examples, making any generalizations about the list is tricky. What can be said, though, is that each selection has proved itself enough to be chosen as an exemplary model of what happened in the world of type design last year.”  

I’ve pulled a few of samples from the article on Typographica’s website to offer an idea of typefaces on display. It’s a lot of fun to look through all of these. As we know, typography makes, or breaks, a design. And I don’t know about you, but I love type!