dars audit : typography

This actual piece is 35 inches long, eight inches in height, and is a seven-fold accordion brochure. This is a typographical project using only glyphs and the typeface(s) chosen— with a limit of two. I discovered how much I love Archer and how unique the font family is compared to most typefaces. The typeface really takes on varying personalities and appearances: from caps to lowercase, light to medium, and regular to italic. It’s really sweet and lovely— displaying subtle yet empowering beauty. This typography class at PSU created a true typography fan. And now I feel I am enchanted by its spell. Yum!


runemeister cards

Selecting a letter from the alphabet, and using the information on that letter from calligrapher Lloyd Reynold’s book, My Dear Runemeister: A Voyage Through the Alphabet, students were given another typographical project. Design could only be achieved through the use of glyphs and letters from our chosen font families, which students picked from a provided list.

The yellow pattern behind the majuscule letter ‘B’ consists of interlocking upright and up-side-down commas. The pattern on the back of the Runemeister series card was composed of the miniscule letter ‘b’ through interlinking and overlapping. The project provided an opportunity to explore playing with colors that I don’t generally use, such as yellow and magenta. I also made sure to use unfamiliar font families to expand my typographical awareness. That’s the cool thing about school: it gives students a chance to play and explore design!

i love typography

I’ve been doing research on fonts for a client’s logo and product line. I’ve taken snap shots of fonts I don’t have on my hard drive and created a font sheet of those I do. This collection will be emailed for client consideration and feedback.

Thanks to one of my fellow designers and wordpress bloggers for having the link to I Love Typography on her site. It proved to be a wonderful reference point. I was able to tap into articles that were very helpful including the 80 best fonts. I found it so valuable that I added it to my links. Thanks Michelle!