xerox colorqube : green print solution

As designers, it’s necessary to print out projects whose final output is print. Sometimes what we see on the screen is not what we get on paper. Since I am sensitive to excess printing and waste, I’ve cut my printing, at the very least in half. I tend to print out a copy once I think the design is close to complete. That way I get to look at the color translation from screen to paper, as well as type size and how the layout is really working. As long as the color is good, I generally don’t print again until I’ve tweaked what wasn’t working and made necessary changes.

Tonight I heard about the new Xerox ColorQube printer series. The ColorQubes employ solid ink technology (photo below). You just set them inside the ink slots and can then expect over 200,000 copies per cube. Being an Oregonian, it gets even better. The solid ink technology comes from a Wilsonville, Oregon company. Plus Xerox has partnered with Portland-based Greenprint, including their technology to owners of solid ink printers. Greenprint has created software which eliminates unwanted page printing.

Picture 8

As can be imagined, this new green printing system, has a high price. Currently, the price for the ColorQube costs around $23,000. Definitely a big company purchase item at this point. However, the cost and environmental savings to date through use of solid ink technology is impressive. As the price point lowers on solid ink printers, green savings will grow.